Hi! I'm Makayla, I am 17 years old and am the founder of The I AM Project.

To the outside world, I had a perfect life. I got good grades, I had an awesome family and the best support group. I had everything I needed.
Although, despite having these things, I did not know my worth. I was so caught up in what the media said, and the unrealistic expectations that the world fed me, that I forgot the truth. I constantly sought the validation and approval of others, too blind to see what was in front of me. I would think that no one cared for, or heard me because of the messages of movies and TV shows. The message that I simply was not enough.
My perception was far from the truth. After a while I realised that I would never find my worth in other people, and that I was fighting the wrong battle. I realised that I had the power to decide who I was and that nothing anybody told me could make me believe otherwise. It was something that only I could do for myself.
From that day, I embarked on a journey of self-love and discovery, and finally found out who I really was. I discovered the worth of my thoughts, my opinion, my life, and the power that comes with that.
I am not the only one.
As I embarked on this journey, I saw this same struggle in so many people around me. The need for validation, the need to satisfy something that can only be fulfilled on the journey of self discovery. This inner craving is painfully evident in our negative society.

This made me realise that if my, seemingly perfect life, could go down such a path, how easy it would be for someone who has divorced parents, a chronic illness, or has lost someone close to them, to go down a similar path to me, but not come out.


This is my motivation, this is why I created The I AM Project, to help every person to know that they are loved, they are worthy and that their life matters!


Dark negative thoughts are like viruses. They lead to more serious issues like depression, anxiety and even suicide. Although, together we can work to stop these issues from infecting future generations. Together we can work to build a positive society filled with love, support, and encouragement.