Did you know that what you think about yourself has 10 times more power than the same message said to you from someone else? And what you say out loud, is 10 times more powerful again?
So, if people around you are saying that you are beautiful or handsome, but you turn around and say to yourself that you are ugly, that is 100 times more powerful than anything they could possibly say to you.


At The I AM Project, we believe in a world where our negative thoughts no longer rule our reality. The I AM Project is a social enterprise run by a passionate high school student, aimed at helping combat our negative thoughts with positive ones. We hope that this will help to create a better society, one overflowing with love, support and encouragement.

We will do this through creating products that have a phrases beginning with the words, “I AM...” (eg. I am enough, I am loved, I am brave). Our first product, keychains, are made from sustainably sourced bamboo with these phrases laser etched onto the wood. 


As a part of our impact, we have chosen to donate 10% of our profits to Beyond Blue who provide support and help to all Australian’s with mental health issues.